Best of Hall County 2018!

I found out today that I have been named the Best of Hall County 2018 Travel Agency, and I am beyond excited an honored to reach such an achievement. Continue reading “Best of Hall County 2018!”


Why Should You Use a Disney Vacation Planner?

Well, because they’re FREE! Well, most of them are. Bottom line is that I am. Yes, I promise that if you do an online quote yourself and ask me for the same details in a trip, I will come back with the same price. So how do I get paid? Disney sees the value in experts like me, and will pay me to assist you in planning your travel details. Continue reading “Why Should You Use a Disney Vacation Planner?”

Getting Started!

A big hello to my Disney friends who want to follow me and read about my thoughts and travel experiences about all things Disney!

I am a full service travel planner with Kingdom Destinations. I began planning Disney vacations for families in the spring of 2013 at a “strictly Disney” agency, and switched agencies in 2016 so I could better serve my clients with a broader range of destinations. While I will always specialize in Disney Destinations, I can also help tack on a few days at Universal to check out Harry Potter, or find a cruise to better fit your family’s needs if Disney Cruise Line isn’t in your budget.

My purpose here is to branch out a bit and become more accessible to people who are looking to utilize a Disney travel planner.  Many people don’t realize that my services are 100% free.  That’s right, you pay the same prices through me as you would booking directly with Disney.  With me, you get someone who will listen to your wishes and needs and will do the best of my ability to make them happen.  You get to speak to the same person each time you have a question about your trip.  You get a personal touch.

I’m still building/designing/creating at the moment, so expect to see changes at least once a day.  I’m a little new in the blogging world, so things may not always make sense right away or look quite right.  At least you can laugh along with me as I learn!